Creating Jobs in Our Community

On the Issues Creating Jobs in Our Community

Our community needs good jobs you can raise a family on. Heather Hutt works every day to ensure that our residents get access to jobs, job training, and education that will help them succeed.

Job Training and Skill Development

Establish comprehensive job training programs in collaboration with local educational institutions, community organizations, and private sector partners. These programs will focus on equipping residents with the skills needed for in-demand industries and emerging sectors.

Filling Empty City Jobs

We will actively work to fill vacant city jobs by implementing targeted recruitment strategies that prioritize reaching out to underrepresented communities. We will streamline the hiring process to ensure fair and equitable access to city employment opportunities.

Local Hiring Preferences

We believe in supporting our local economy and creating job opportunities for Los Angeles residents. We will advocate for local hiring preferences in city contracts and projects, giving priority to local businesses and workers.