Improve our communities through public services

On the Issues Improve our communities through public services

Our communities need adequate resources to keep our neighborhoods safe, functioning, and livable. Since day one, Heather Hutt has focused on getting and delivering those resources.

Safe neighborhoods

Heather Hutt is committed to community based and community responsive policing that holds our city and officers accountable. When we work together, guarantee transparency and dialogue, and ensure that the priority is the participation of our community we can all benefit from safe neighborhoods.

Filling potholes and maintaining trees

Livable communities need maintenance, and that is why Heather is prioritizing the basics like fixing sidewalks, filling potholes, planting and trimming trees, and creating shaded areas.

Parks and open space

Historically our community is starved for open and green space. Heather is fighting to get more resources, parks, youth programs, and other benefits that will make our community better.